Sebastian Enache

Sebastian Enache

Business Development Manager - Monsson

Sebastian Enache has more than 14 years of experience in wind industry consultancy, services, and company management.

Sebastian Enache has more than 14 years of experience in wind industry consultancy, services and company management. As co-founder of Wind Power Energy, in 2007, a Monsson Group company, Sebastian began his career in one of the first consultancy companies in renewable energy in Romania, coordinating more than 150 wind measurement campaigns all over Europe and designing more than 2400 MW of wind farms.
Starting with 2010 Sebastian set-up the first private dispatch center in Romania and one of the first in Europe, which is now accommodating successfully more than 35% of Romanians RES capacity. Once MONSSON developed and the strategy of expansion became clearer, Sebastian was
promoted as Business Development Manager of the Group, handling worldwide business and services expansion for the Group companies.

In 2014 Sebastian became Member of the Board of Directors in Monsson where he handled the M&A process of EMON Electric.

In 2015 Sebastian became Vice-President of RWEA – Romanian Wind Energy Association. During 2015-2016 he also served as President of the HSE workgroup of the wind industry and Vice-President of the regulatory workgroup, participating in Governmental debates and legislative changes for the RES industry.

In 2016 he was involved as an expert in writing the Romanian Energy Strategy. As a result of his involvement in numerous successful RES companies,
service developments, and transactions, Sebastian has developed sector-specific knowledge and expertise.


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
Regional Development & Green Clusters 2 October 16, 2020
Renewable Energy and Climate change 1 February 17, 2020