Ion Lungu

Ion Lungu

CEO - CEZ Trading Romania

PhD in Engineering, University Politehnica of Bucharest, 1988;Professional Diploma in Management, Open University (United Kingdom), 2009; Bachelor of Engineering, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Faculty of Power Engineering, 1975;

High Voltage, Power Market & Regulation, Renewable Energy, Electricity Sales & Trading

Author or co-author of 5 technical books and as sole author or as co-author a number of 40 journal articles and 95 papers in Conference volumes, both at national and international level.

President of Power National Regulatory Authority (2000-2004) General manager, CEZ Trade Romania(sine 2007), General manager (1999-2000) and director for electricity supply(1997-2000 & 2004-2007) in SC Electrica SA, Lecturer & Associate Professor, University Politehnica of Bucharest(1992-2002), University Professor, Valahia University, Targoviste(2002-2006) President of The Association of Electricity Suppliers in
Romania(since2006), Member of CIGRE – Romania’s representative in SC C5 – Electricity markets and Regulation (2000-2010); Coordinator of Working group C5-09 (2008-2012), Member of Board of Directors of The Romanian Energy Policy Association(since 2006), Member of the Board of Directors of the National Romanian Committee of the World Energy Council (2000-2004), Member of the Board of ERRA – Energy Regulators Regional Association(2000-2004) , Member of ANRE Advisory Council(2012-2017).


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
The Economy and The Financing of Energy Projects 2 May 6, 2021